2 comments on “Norway Killer convicted of killing 77 people serves 3.25 month / person killed

  1. This seems to be a peculiarity of Norway, and though they are confined to an island, if I remember correctly, it’s quite comfortable imprisonment. Very odd, considering the crime. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

    Europe, supposedly awash in guilt for all their wars, has had a great wave of what?— niceness? Not wanting to be forceful about anything, since WWII. The Germans are building coal power plants as fast as they can, and shutting down their nukes, because they were so frightened by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the Fukushima meltdown. The fact that the reactor was damaged by the tsunami, not by the earthquake, and that Germany is really unlikely to experience a tsunami has escaped them. Sounds weird, but I think there are connections.

    • I was pretty blow away by the release of the Lockerbie bomber a few years back. At the time my sister was a Pan Am flight attendant that flew that route and tat plane many times. As luck would have it that day she had the other route that left 15 minutes later than the doomed Lockerbie flight. She lost a lot of close friends on that flight.
      Not sure what the Scotts were thinking but in my mind that guy would not have taken two steps outside that prison before he was offed. Hopefully this guy will suffer the same fate.

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