11 comments on “The Right to a Speedy Trial for James Holmes the Batman Killer

  1. By the way, there is a worse case than the Batman killer: Seung-Hui Cho. Cho killed 33 people including himself in the worst mass murder with firearms in the history of North America. He was the son of a North Korean-born mother and a South Korean father. The massacre took one day after the birthday of the Eternal President of North Korea! The two Koreas is still at war technically.

  2. Look at the number 16 in the Century 16. Sixteen days after the shooting in Aurora, another mass shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Wade Michael Page killed six and injured four and he blew his brains out. One victim, Satwant Singh Kaleka, is a hero and a legend!

  3. Wade Michael Page was a coward and he took his own life rather facing a court. He was a white supremacist and a Neo-Nazi. It came 16 days after the Batman shooting. Page is the Frederick William Cowan of the 21st century. His father, Jesse Alvin Page is born in Texas and had been ill for many months. His mother, Beverly, died from lupus. His stepmother, Laura, was crying and she apologized to the victims’ families. There will be no arrest, no jail, no trial to prepare, no jury to persuade, no judge handing down a sentence, no defense attorney, no nothing! Please rememember the victims:
    Satwant Singh Kaleka, Prakash Singh Rathore, Ranjit Singh, Seeta Singh, Paramjit Kaur Saini, Suveg Singh Khattra, Amarjit Kaur, Lt. Brian James Murphy, Santokh Singh, and Punjab Singh. The hole is going to stay in the temple, permanently.

  4. There is another mass shooting in Minneapolis after the Batman and the Sikh Temple shooting: Andrew John Engeldinger. Engeldinger shot 5 people and injured 3 before turning the gun on himself due to the loss of his job. Remember the victims:
    Reuven Rahamim
    Rami Yerachmiel Cooks
    Ronald Richard Edberg
    Jacob Bruce Beneke
    John Souter
    Eric Rivers
    Keith Vincent Basinski

    Basinski was a devout Christian and he is with the Lord. God bless.

  5. Now, there is the worst shooting than James Holmes: Adam Peter Lanza. Lanza shot 27 people dead before turning the gun on himself and he was cremated and buried in an undisclosed location.

  6. There are heroes on Sandy Hook: Dawn Alys Hochsprung. There are victims such as student Daniel Gerard Barden.

  7. There are 27 victims of Sandy Hook. It is so horrible, I hope to God it can never happen again in our lifetimes.

    • Honestly, mass shootings like this are unfortunate and will more than likely happen again. Lots of moving parts to this equation and no simple answer at all. Between the election and the Sandy Hook shooting, I’ve been left uninspired to do more blogging but am getting ready to start again.

      Sometimes things happen that your brain struggles to wrap itself around. This happened to me during 9/11. You knew it happened but your brain has a tough time dealing with it.


  8. By the way, think of a good James: James Radley Mattioli. James has the same last name as discoverer of the cat allergy. Rest in peace, James. James is the mini-look of his father, Mark Mattioli. Well done, James, rest in peace.

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