5 comments on “I never really understood the Euro anyway

  1. there is a very intersting geopolitical pape Limes. It is Italian but it has also a EU version in English, there are maps to explain their articles, if you really want to understand something.

    How Euro Works? just all Europe: they need cohesion, but they want – at the same time – keep the independence of any Country. Don’t forget that we are talking about Great Britain (out of Euro) France, Germany, Italy, Spain …. all Countries with a story and a backgroud very strong. For an American, I know, it is difficult to understand how much if means such a backgroud, both in positive and negative point of view. Euro was part of the EUROPE Project, nothing more, and it gave big opportunities in the last years, but now ? With Finance collapese? With Economical Crisis ? I think that NYC and Callifornia will never be so different as here one Country from another. There are some People still talking about the IIWW. Don’t forget that Europe suffered it everywhere and every day just like USA September 11. Not very easy to go on. Hystory is not completly the Past. The Queen and Greece, Spain and Poland, … When we talk about these COuntries we talk about a complex social endeavour, an Hystorical very complex status and on…. this is Europe, and Euro is part of the project: to face other continents, we have so many things …. but it is very hard to find a common solution.

    The Berlin wall was destryed in 1989, yesterday. Can you imagine wath it could mean?

    • Many people have been sold the idea of a one European economy and many have pushed for a one world economy.

      For many years I did business transactions in LIre, the German Mark, and the Spanish Peseta. These currencies all fluctuated against the USD. When business was poor in Italy the Lire fell and it made high quality Italian products more economical for me to buy, import and sell.

      Since the Euro has come to Europe it was of large initial benefit to Southern Europe but it also they Southern Europe into an economic dogfight with more industrialized countries like Germany.

      I won’t go into long standing cultural work ethics but did Southern Europe ever really stand a chance with a merged economy.

      I still do business in Italy and love it’s culture and people. From everything I understand the separation of classes is ever growing. This is what the Euro has brought to Italy.

      As an example of this…… I recently looked into importing ladies lingerie from the Castel De Fredo region in Italy (where the earthquake was felt).

      The Italian brand Calzedonia (I’m sure you’re familiar with this brand) while popular in Italy get’s killed here in the US by the German Wolford Brand.

      There is space for Italian lingerie but not at the ultra premium price the Euro brings. This that region of Italy that manufactures lingerie and socks continues to suffer on the business area.

      So when you mention things like the Euro project just remember concepts like this are Socialistic and dreamed up by the ultra-wealthy to keep the middle class down, Isn’t this what has happened to Italy?

      As for a cohesion goes…Europe doesn’t need that between countries. They need competition.

      Take a look around


      • You are right ! Euro was a disaster because I think, wanted only by Finance, and it arives with no controls. (the first day they cancelled the 000 of Lire and wrote € in front of prices imagine. Italy is my homeland I know this fact very well, nothing to do with any socialist idea, just savings from Custom taxes from one Country to another. No ideals, only money, my dear. Sorry for my frustration, but believe me, here is very, very difficult. I know enterprises of clothings, accessories, and lingerie as Calzedonia (now as you now producing in Bosnia) unable to sell a single piece. I had to close my marketing suppot business because taxes were too high with no income. Sorry for my depression, but here I am sure are only few people really aware of the situation. Competition is for willing individuals and not for Governs, our Governs. I am afraid, really.

      • I’ll be writing more about global economics in my upcoming blog for a book I’m writing. The debate will continue.

        Thanks for following me


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