3 comments on “Rugged Individualism 2012

  1. There are some very relevant points you bring up here, HK. It dovetails with your thoughts on the Euro. Basic survival skills are going to be real currency, I’m afraid, here in the Western 1st World countries sooner than we might like. Good post!

  2. I read a post some where that basically said that our current education system is setup to by pass the learning of any true survival skills and make a person dependent upon the system. When everything collapses, you will see the majority of the country not knowing how to survive and looking upon the government for help. The government is already telling people that they cannot help and need to prepare to take care of themselves, but the vast majority of the people are not listening.

    • The survival method that really makes me laugh are the people that buy emergency seed banks.
      Last year I purchased a seed bank and decided to learn how to grow veggies. My goal was one month’s worth of veggies grown in self watering survival containers. Needless to say I did get some veggies but not even close to the amount needed beyond a meal or two.
      This year I’m doing much better however many people that own survival seed stocks don’t even know how to farm.

      Education is the key to survival. There are lots of free resources out there to learn survival skills you just have to really hint for them,


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